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22 Strand DNA Activation Blog

October 6, 2008


22-Strand DNA Activation

The 22-Strand DNA Activation is a tremendous gift that was unveiled in 1998 and is now being shared with mankind to help accelerate the spiritual awakening of the collective consciousness of the planet.

This unique activation is initiatory, associated with the traditional mystery school lineage of King Solomon. It is not a new-age phenomenon and has not been channeled. For thousands of years, it has been used to activate high priests and priestesses, oracles, and prophets as a rite of passage in the secret mystery school tradition. This holy and sacred process has been handed down intact, in an unbroken lineage, generation after generation, for more than 2,500 years and is now being offered openly to bring humanity into full empowerment.


DNA is an essential component of all living matter. It is very personal, for it contains the encoded information relative to both one’s physical and spiritual lineage. This information determines a person’s physical form, hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, emotional behavioral patterns, spiritual gifts, and more. DNA contains the blueprint for one’s life purpose and divine potentialities. It defines who we are! Until now, this stored information has been inaccessible to us save initiates of mystery schools, spiritual masters, and holy persons dedicated to serving the light.

Our human form is composed of 12 physical strands of DNA and 12 corresponding spiritual strands totaling 24 strands. The average person has only one strand activated, which accounts for limited brain use in humans. The 22-Strand DNA Activation is the key to unlock 22 of our 24 strands of DNA.

About the Activation

The purpose of the activation is to bring the individual to his or her highest potential and greatest empowerment in accordance with the soul process. Through this ancient activation technique, one will experience a higher attunement to Spirit; spiritual growth and self-transformation will be accelerated exponentially. The powers, secrets, and mysteries of one’s true inner Being will become manifest over time because this particular activation will light up 22 of 24 strands which have been lying dormant.

The process of physically activating the DNA is very specific. Codons, which are access points into our etheric blueprint and influence the DNA strands, are opened and infused with light. As the codons take on light, they immediately translate a new light pattern to the master cell of the pineal gland. From this master cell, all new cells in the body are replicated. As a result, the DNA within the new cells holds the activated sequence of light, thus creating a new genetic setup in the physical body.

What makes this activation so powerful is its ability to clear genetic and family karma. The DNA structure is encoded karma manifested physically through the ancestral line. By receiving the 22-Strand DNA Activation, the genetic structure of the activated person will not only be altered, but this change will also affect the individual’s ancestors three to five generations in the past as well as descendants three to five generations in the future. Bringing light into areas of the DNA that have never been activated alters the probability of the future and changes the past. This activation can potentially clear genetic patterning for many diseases such as alcoholism, depression, nervous system disorders, arthritis, etc. In addition, it can also correct dysfunctional behavioral patterns inherent in families. This activation can assist us in our own healing process at deep levels. Fears, issues, and addictions, which have held people in limitation, may also be quickly released.

Who is a candidate for the 22-Strand DNA Activation?

The activation can be performed safely on anyone. Only one activation is necessary, and the process can never be stopped or undone. No follow-up or reactivation is required. The recommended youngest age is 12; however, special consideration may be given to those under the age of 12. There is no upper age limit.

Can I activate my own DNA?

Many technologies are now available that will open up the DNA to the 12th strand. Activating the strands beyond that requires the service of one who is trained and initiated at the physical level; someone who has received authorization from the spiritual realms to carry the power to perform this work.

What are the benefits of the DNA Activation?

Some of the benefits include
• Increasing brain capacity and expanded awareness.
• Adding more clarity to one’s life.
• Clearing genetic and family karmic patterns.
• Strengthening the immune system.
• Raising cellular vibration.
• Bringing in and holding more light in the physical body.
• Releasing unconscious patterns stored in the DNA.
• Creating a greater opening for connection to the Higher Self.
• Opening the charkas, allowing a greater flow of kundalini energy.
• Unlocking latent talents and spiritual abilities.

The 22-Strand DNA Activation is a sacred and holy gift now available to assist us in realizing our maximum potential as Divine Beings ? To live in a pure, enlightened state of love, peace, and joy in Oneness with All That Is.

CeCe Converse is a Third Degree Initiatee Ritual Master and Guide, trained and authorized through the ancient, traditional mystery school lineage of King Solomon, to give 22-Strand DNA Activations. For information please contact Cece at 925-768-2700 email
Original article written by Cheryl Caccialanza